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The local conservation districts assist land managers, cities, towns and counties and communities meet their land management goals and objectives. Districts, as local governments with jurisdiction by law and special expertise (W.S. 11-16-101 et. seq) are often also “cooperating agencies” pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act in federal land planning processes such as Bureau of Land Management Resource Management Plans and USDA Forest Service Forest Planning processes.

Conservation districts are often actively involved in assisting livestock grazing permittees and federal agencies with Cooperative Rangeland monitoring. The importance of public land grazing in the state to the viability and health of rangelands, the agriculture industry and the state’s communities is vital. The districts often provide educational opportunities for ranchers to expand their knowledge on rangeland monitoring as well as assisting both ranchers and agencies with obtaining additional resources to enhance rangeland monitoring such as the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Rangeland Health Assessment Program.

Conservation Districts are also charged by state statute (W.S. 18-5-306) with the review of proposed subdivisions in unincorporated areas within their districts. District review proposed subdivisions and make recommendations to the County Commissioners on matters such as soil suitability, erosion control, sedimentation and flooding problems. The districts utilize the USDA NRCS soil survey as one source of data to provide their recommendations.