Conservation District Board and Employee Training

The Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts with the help of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture has developed a training program for conservation district supervisors and employees. If interested in having WACD/WDA representatives conducting training for your district, please allow at least 6-8 hours to complete the training for all the modules.

Conservation District Law (Updated 2-18-21)

Benefits and Insurance (Updated 2-18-21)

Nursery Stock (Updated 2-18-21)

Subdivision Reviews (Updated 2-18-21)

Watershed Improvement Districts (Updated 2-18-21)

Procurement (Updated 2-18-21)

Public Meetings Act (Updated 2-18-21)

Administrative Procedure Act (Updated 2-18-21)

Public Records Act (Updated 2-18-21)

Ethics and Disclosure Act (Updated 2-18-21)

Financial Management (Updated 2-18-21)

District Boundary Reporting (Updated 2-18-21)

Local Government Liability Pool (Updated 2-18-21)

Labor Standards (Updated 2-18-21)

Special District Elections (Updated 2-18-21)

Records Archive Requirements (Updated 2-18-21)

Additional Training – Media Outreach and Effectiveness

Additional Training – Legislative Outreach

Additional Training – Watershed Planning

If you would like to receive any of the above training, please contact any of the persons listed below. In addition to the above modules, additional training opportunities on the subjects below can be arranged. This training would consist of 2-3 day intensive training sessions presented by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture or contracted trainers.

-Facilitation and the CRM Process

If you have any questions, or to schedule training contact:

Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Chris Wichmann 777-6579
Michelle MacDonald 777-7323
Justin Caudill 350-5480

Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts
Holly Kennedy 632-5716
Sydney Baker 632-5716