Conservation District Funding Sources

In 1987, the Wyoming State Legislature granted Conservation Districts the authority to tax up to one mill. Since that time, several Districts have obtained mill levy funding. Several Districts have also received the support of their County Commissioners and therefore have opted not to request mill levy funding. The Conservation Districts utilize their local funding to address publicly identified priority programs and concerns. Those programs initiated by Districts vary dependent on local needs. Currently, local people support conservation efforts to the tune of approximately $2 million.

Local Funding Support

Mill Levy Funding – Coming Soon

State Funding Sources

Wyoming Department of Agriculture Water Quality Funding
Wyoming Department of Agriculture Rangeland Health Assessment Program
Wyoming Water Development Commission
Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality – Water Quality Division

Federal Funding

EPA Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Other Funding

Wyoming Community Foundation