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Range Monitoring Resources


UW Cooperative Extension Service Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources Initiative Website

Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide (Complete Guide)
Individual forms from the Rangeland Monitoring Guide
     Cover by Life - excel file
     Cover by Lifeform Transects - excel file
     Cover by Lifeform - pdf
     Grazing Response Index - pdf
     Grazing Response Index - excel file
     Greenline Stability - pdf
     Greenline Stability - excel file
     Landscape Appearance - excel file
     Landscape Appearance - pdf
     Monitoring Plan Worksheet - pdf
     Permanent Photo Point - Word file
     Permanent Photo Point - pdf
     Photo Info Sheet - pdf
     Site Info Form - pdf
     Site Information Form 1 - Word file
     Stubble Height1 - excel
     Stubble Height - pdf

Range Management School Presentations
WRMS 101
    Bousman Cooperative Monitoring
    Nutrition & Behavior
    Plant Growth
    RMS 101 Producer Story - Bousman
    Time & Timing
WRMS 201
    Applying Monitoring Data
    ESD's - What they mean to you
    Low stress animal handling
    Matching the animal to the resource
    Monitoring Objectives
    Monitoring Tools Methods
    Monitoring Tools Methods Slides
WRMS 301
Ecological Sites
    Practical fence applications


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Mission: The Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts provides leadership for the conservation of Wyoming's soil and water resources, promotes the control of soil erosion, promotes and protects the quality of Wyoming's waters, reduce siltation of stream channels and reservoirs, promote wise use of Wyoming's water, and all other natural resources, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this state through a responsible conservation ethic.