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District Procedures Manual

Quick Table of Contents
History and Role of Conservation Districts
District Law and Other Applicable statutes and regulations
District Operations and Supervisor Elections
District Policy, Planning and Reporting
Personnel Management
Presentations, Meeting Procedures and Media Relations
Financial Handbook
Contact Information

Full Table of Contents

Section 1 History and Role of Conservation Districts
History of Conservation Districts
Section 2 District Law and other applicable statutes and regulations
Links to Wyoming Statutes are directed to the main State of Wyoming State Statutes
To access individual statutes, click on Wyoming Statutes, Constitution and Non-Codified Water Laws, then search for the statute citation listed below.
  Conservation District Law Wyoming 11-16-101
  Attorney General Opinions - Updated 1-14-15
Complete Attorney General's Opinions can be found on the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Website.
  State Laws affecting districts
  Administrative Procedure Act Wyoming 16-3-101
Department of Revenue Reporting Requirements
 Wyoming 22-29-103 (e)
 Wyoming 39-13-102 (p)
 Department of Revenue Rules on tax district mapping
Election Code - Wyoming 22-1-101
Environmental Quality Act - Wyoming 35-11-101
 Wyoming Surface Water Quality Standards - Chapter 1
Government Ethics (Conflict of Interest, etc.) Wyoming 9-13-101
Intergovernmental Cooperation Wyoming 16-1-101
Open Meetings Act Wyoming 16-4-401
Public Records Act Wyoming 16-4-201
Special District Elections Act 22-29-101
Subdivision Permits Wyoming 18-5-301
Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Wyoming 16-4-101
 Special District Accounting Handbook - This link takes you to the Wyoming Department of Audit Public Funds Division website.  Click on Manuals and Select Special District Handbook to download Revised December 2015
Watershed Improvement District Law Wyoming 41-8-101
Wyoming Nursery and Greenhouse Law Wyoming 11-9-101
Purchasing - Wyoming 9-2-1016
$1500-7499  Informal bid process, 2 written or phone bids
$7500 - above Requires formal competitive sealed bid process
Federal Laws and Regulations Affecting districts
Links to US Codes and Code of Federal Regulations take you to the US Government Publishing Office.  You must search for individual statutes on this site.
Clean Air Act 42 U.S.C. 7401 et. seq.
Clean Water Act 33 U.S.C. 1251 et. seq.
 Total Maximum Daily Load - Clean Water Action Section 303(d)
 Clean Water Act 40 CFR 130
Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA)
Endangered Species Act 16 U.S.C. 1531-1544
Fish and Wildlife Service Regulations - search by citations
 40 C.F.R. 1502.16
 40 C.F.R. 1506.2
 40 C.F.R. 1508.2
Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2014 (Farm Bill)
Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resource Planning Act of 1974 - 16 U.S.C. 1604(a)
Forest Service Regulations and Citations
 36 C.F.R. 219 - Planning
 36 C.F.R. 221.3(a)3
 43 C.R.F. 1610.3
 Forest Service 16 U.S.C. 1601-1615 (National Forest Management Act)
Hatch Act of 1887 7 U.S.C. 361a et. seq.
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 42 U.S.C. 4321-4347
Federal Laws and Regulations affecting employees and employers
Civil Rights Act of 1964 42 U.S.C. 1981
Equal Opportunity Employment 29 C.F.R. 1600-1961
Fair Labor Standards Act 29 U.S.C. 201
Family and Medical Leave Act 29 U.S.C. 2601
State Laws and Regulations affecting employees and employers
Fair Employment Practices Wyoming 27-9-105
Section 3 District Operations and Supervisor Elections
Campaign Reporting
Changing a Conservation District Name
 Petition for Election
Supervisor Role and Responsibilities
 Employee Eligibility Verification (IRS Form I-9)
 Supervisor Oath of Office - MS Word File (Updated 12/29/10)
 Supervisor attendance policy
Supervisor Vacancy and Removal
Section 4 District Policy, Planning and Reporting
Annual Reports
Plan of Work
Long Range Plan (Updated 12/17/09)
 Sample Public Notice as per APA
 Sample Resolution of Adoption
Section 5 Personnel Management
Employee Policy
Independent Contract Labor
 Sample Contract #1
 Sample Contract #2
New Hire Information
NRCS Supervision and Personnel
Personnel Supervisors Guide to Discipline
Position Descriptions, Job Qualifications and Performance Reviews
 Sample Administrative Assistant Job Description
 Sample District Manager Job Description
 Sample Natural Resource Coordinator Job Description
 Sample Performance Review Evaluation Form
Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring Potential Employees
 Sample Employment Application - MS Excel file
 Sample Interview Questions
Training Needs
Unemployment Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Wyoming State Retirement System- UPDATED 12-15-11
WACD Delta Dental Program
Section 6 Funding
Procedures for Obtaining a Mill Levy
 Inform and Educate your local public
 Mill Levy Strategy and Budget - MS Excel file
Mill Levy Calendar - MS Word file
State Funding Administration- more information can be found on
the Wyoming Department of Ag website
 Conservation District Financial Rules
 State Funding Financial Checklist - updated 3/22/16
     Form FR1 - Bonding - updated 3/22/16
     Form FR2 - Risk Management - updated 3/22/16
 State Funding Checklist - update 3/22/16
    Form BA1 - Pursuing Local Funding - updated 3/22/16
    Form BA2 - Education Function of Elected Officials - updated 3/22/16

Guidelines for amendments and extensions to state grants - updated 3/22/16
 WOLFS Reimbursement form for travel through water quality funding - MS Excel file
 WOLFS Reimbursement form for other water quality expenses - MS Excel file
 Interim/Final Grant Report
Section 7 Presentations, Meetings Procedures and Media Relations
Conducting Meetings
Legislative Outreach
 Wyoming Legislative Website
Media Outreach and Effectiveness
Parliamentary Procedures
Writing Resolutions
Wyoming Press Association
Section 8 Financial Handbook
Chapter 4 Special Districts financial reporting general - Department of Audit, Public Funds 1-7-14
Audits and Financial Reports
 CENSUS F32 report
 Proof of Cash Procedure
 Annual Report Summary
 Self-Audit Procedure and Internal Control Evaluation
 Special District Budget form from Dept. of Audit - click on forms at
top of page and select 2017 Electronic Budget form (New) from the list.
An online training video is available for those having difficulty completing
the form. 

 Sample public hearing notice
 Sample budget affidavit
 Sample budget amendment resolution
 Sample budget amendment legal notice
 Signature Facsimile Registration Form
Donations and Gifts
GASB Requirements - Sample Policy
Employee Withholding Tax
 IRS Form SS4
 Sample Inventory Worksheet - MS Word file
 Sample Investment Policy
Local Government Liability Pool
 Suggested Minutes Format
Purchasing from the State
Records Management
Sales Tax
 Department of Revenue Rules, Chapter 2
Vouchers and Receipts
 Sample Blanket Voucher
Exempt License plates
 Example request for exempt license plates
Contact Wyoming Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles Section at 777-4710 for more information

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Mission: The Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts provides leadership for the conservation of Wyoming's soil and water resources, promotes the control of soil erosion, promotes and protects the quality of Wyoming's waters, reduce siltation of stream channels and reservoirs, promote wise use of Wyoming's water, and all other natural resources, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this state through a responsible conservation ethic.